How to Pack and Organize Your Storage Unit: The Ultimate Guide

November 27, 2019
North College Storage wrapping boxes
Packing a storage unit can be a daunting task. If not done correctly, you could end up with a huge mess. Think about those well-known storage unit television shows. 

As soon as the doors are opened, the mess inside nearly comes crashing down onto the ground below. This is what you don't want. It's even more so important to have a well-organized storage unit when you plan to access and still use some of the stored items. 

There are a few different ways to pack and organize a storage unit well. To avoid an overwhelming disaster, you'll want to know about each of them. Continue reading below for some of the best ways to do just that!


Before packing your items, be sure to gather all of the same sized boxes. Having the same size boxes is going to make stacking them much easier. Try to used medium-sized boxes for just about everything. Larger boxes are good for big items, but keep in mind that these are ideal for large items that are lightweight. Heavy large items might not hold as well inside boxes. You can either leave these items out and wrap them in bubble wrap or other protective materials, or you can consider using plastic boxes.Plastic bin boxes might be a better option for you because they're more durable than the cardboard boxes. It's also a lot easier to find all of the same size plastic bins than cardboard boxes!


As you pack each box or plastic bin, be sure to label each one accordingly. These labels are going to be your lifesavers. Labels make it much easier to find what you need either when unpacking the unit to bring into your new home or when looking in the unit for a specific item. Remember to provide a label on all sides of the box. This is an essential step because you never know how the box will end up facing once in the storage unit. By having a label on all sides, you won't have to worry about the label not showing.Some important information to place on your labels is the name of the room where the contents came from and a list of all the items. 


Once you have your boxes situated and packed, it's time to start placing them in the storage unit. When planning out how you want to stack your boxes, it's important to keep in mind what things you'll need access to the most.If there are boxes that hold specific items in them that you know you'll need to get to frequently, then be sure to place these boxes in the front. It might sound like common sense when reading this, but it's easy to forget this step when you're in the actual stacking process. If it makes things easier for you, consider marking these boxes with a special number or symbol before bringing them to the unit. You'll then spot them out easily and remember to place those boxes in the front.


Yes, there is a wrong and right way to stack boxes. Stack the larger and heavier boxes on the bottom, creating a solid foundation for the other ones. A good stacking technique is the brick technique. Think about a brick wall. When bricks are laid down, they're placed with one brick on the bottom and two on top of it on either side. This pattern is kept throughout the entire wall.It's done like this because it creates a sturdier structure. You'll want to do the same with your wall of boxes. Have the image of a brick wall in mind when stacking them, and be sure to stick with the pattern until complete. Your end result will be a sturdy structure that you won't have to worry about falling and items breaking. You'll also have much easier access to all boxes. You can pull one box out and return it without having to take several boxes down first and restack them.


Another option that you have is to use shelves inside your storage unit. Be sure that your shelves are sturdy and place them along one side of the unit. Shelves are great for holding items that either can't fit into a box or are too fragile to place inside a box. If need be, you can also place more boxes on the shelves as well. Smaller items that you want to be kept handy are another ideal item to place on a shelf. 


During your stacking process, it's a great idea to create a list and a map of everything that's inside the storage unit and where it's all located. You might not need to make a map for the boxes that are clear to see, but it's a good tool to have for the boxes that get buried away.When you need to enter the unit and find something specific, you'll know exactly where to look for it even if it is all the way in the back corner. 


Save yourself time and stress by designing a well-organized storage unit! Follow these helpful steps above to get started. 

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